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President John Tyler
Dick Cheatham

"President John Tyler" brings to your group valuable lessons from the past. The topics below are great for keynotes, luncheons, anytime you want to inspire and stimulate in a presentation that will be remembered for years.

Your special theme or message will be customized within President Tyler's unforgettable presentation. His timeless message will entertain your group as well as enlighten and inspire them. One of these topics will be perfect for your group:

"Defender of the Constitution"

Here is a President who knew and revered the Constitution and who did everything in his power to protect it despite the consequences. John Tyler feared that people would interpret the document as loosely as possible in order to serve their own private interests in ways never intended by the founding fathers, some of whom he knew and learned from as a young boy. Tyler suffered at the hands of those who wished to raid the public purse, but he's back now to defend himself and his beloved Constitution.

"President of Precedents"

John Tyler was a President of precedents. The first Vice President to ascend to the Presidency upon the death of a President, the first President to lose a wife (and take another) while in office, the first President to serve with no Vice President, the first and only President to be a citizen of another country upon his death, these and many other things were firsts with this important President, sadly often forgotten by Americans today. Well, he's back!

"Last of the Jeffersonians"

John Tyler carried the "Jeffersonian" torch right into the White House in 1841. Jefferson's ideals lived in Tyler who was given the honor of delivering the official eulogy to the great man when he died on the 4th of July, 1826. John Tyler's father, John Tyler, Sr., had been a personal friend and fellow "libertarian" activist with Jefferson during the exciting years which transformed the world. Through John Tyler, Jefferson's optimistic visions for America would, for one last time, reside in the White House.



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